How to Use a Breadboard

We have used a resistor in this example and it implies to all components like capacitor, inductor, potentiometer, etc

As you look in the image below many people (including me) commit this mistake while connecting a component through a Breadboard

made with tinkercad

As we see from the above image, though a resistor of proper rating is provided in the path of the circuit, the

LED has blown out.

This has happened because current has chosen to travel in the path with least resistance, so instead of passing throgh the resistor and reaching the led, Major amount of current has bypassed through the breadboard’s metal strip

Which does not mean that the current does not pass through the resistor, but a lesser amount of current passes through it, because of the resistor.

So the proper way of having a resistor through a breadboard is to make sure that there is only a single path connecting LED and power source with a resistor in between the only path. As done in the below images.

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