How to Setup Arduino IDE

Since Arduino is an open source microcontroller, it’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is available in all platforms. Let’s see them one by one.

The official Arduino IDE software page with support to all platforms including Linux OS –

  1. Arduino IDE setup for Windows 8.1 and 10
  2. Arduino IDE setup for Apple OS
  3. Arduino IDE setup for Android
  4. Arduino IDE setup for windows older than 8.1

1) Search for Arduino IDE in the Microsoft Store

you can avail the app for free

2) Arduino IDE for Apple OS

The arduinocode-Arduino IDE app is available for free in Appstore.

3) Arduino IDE for Android

The Arduinodroid-Arduino IDE app is available for free in Playstore

4) Arduino IDE for windows below 8.1

clicking the following link

will take you to the download site for downloading the Arduino IDE software according to the specifications of your device.

The Arduino IDE window

This is an example of how arduino program editing window will look like

When a New sketch is created, the name of the sketch contains the month and day (may 16) and number of program created of that day(a,b,c)

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