How to Connect LED with push button

A push button is different from the conventional ON/OFF button.

A push-button is a type of switch which when pressed for 1 second, lets the current pass through it for 1 second, and when pressed for 5 minutes, it lets the current for 5 minutes.

This push button is technically a normally-open tactile switch, where normally open means that the connection is normally open-circuited and tactile switch means the circuit is closed until the button is pressed and the circuit is closed when the button is released.

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In the above image, the push button is pressed which glows the LED

And in this image, the push button is released, so the LED switches off.


The push button has two metal strips supported on a spring inside.

when the push button is pressed, the spring shrinks and makes contact with the metal nodes inside, creating a connection

and when the button is released, the spring comes back to its original form, thereby breaking the ciruit.


  1. Usually used as reset button.
  2. Keyboards,Calculators,Feature phones,Electronic piano, Remote buttons,Horn.
  3. Controlling elctronic circuits.

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